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Portaombrelli 06

Modular Umbrella Stand made by gravity aluminium casting. Eco-friendly made by 100% recycled alluminium.

For six standard umbrella. The "U" bar joins modules and keeps small umbrella.

Ideal for private and pubblic spaces.

Size 20 x 30 h 10 cm. Made in Italy.


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russian bed  

Russian bed

Custom furniture for a private.

Wood and golden bronze bed.

Wood, golden bronze and glass bedside table.

Golden bronze Led pendant lamp.

cold mug  

Cold Mug

Porcelaine made. It's shape, with no handle,

for more simple.

The outer surface remains always cold thank to interspace.

Presented at MACEF 2007 design competition "Ceramics for breakfast".


belt holder  

Belt holder

Plastic made. It has a neudimium magnets in the base to hang.

Produced by Outlook Design Italia

wine cooler glacette  

Wine cooler

Aluminium made concept wine cooler. Made by gravity casting and turning.

Eco-friendly made by 100% recycled alluminium.

Design for Albini' s Corporate gift 60th activities anniversary.