Santa Teresa Gallura

I make this oil on canvas from a draw I had made in the past summer on the beach of Santa Teresa. You can see the guard tower and on background Corsica Island in remoteness

january 2018


The Light have wave nature. Interferences generate unexpected forms.

The visible rays that propagate from the center of the conposition, are not drawn but are the consequence of the shape.

febraury 2017

Crystal reflection mandala

How you can represent the absolut? Like in light reflexion that ipnotize your perception, in this glass made of crystal repeated like in a mandala you can observe some grain of absolut. The pictrure has been shooted on black and the image has been digitally manipulated.

Special thanks to Photographer Rinaldo Sgarella.

december 2016

Spatial concept, Piercing prospective

carbon fiber sticks, white canvas, galvanized chrome aluminium profile

june 2016

Expressive color, landscape

oil and acrilic on canvas, cigar ash, galvanized chrome aluminium profile, black string

june 2016

Saint Virginia Martyr

pencil on black pasteboard, carbon fider plate, galvanized metal sheet, metal, glass

award winning at "XIII Barbaiana extemporaneous painting contest"

june 2015

monochrome black 01 monochrome black 01

Monochrme black 01

metal, wood, charcoal on liquid tar

june 2015

Private collection

Quadro 17

metal, galvanized metal sheet, neodymium magnets, bronze filings, glass

september 2014

Private collection

Superhuman landscape / powder of Barbaiana

metal, galvanized metal sheet, glass, powder, debris

award winning at "XII Barbaiana extemporaneous painting contest"

june 2014

Private collection

Anthropic landscape / euro per square meter

metal, galvanized metal sheet, glass, banknotes

june 2014